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A Wedding Videographer is a must!

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding for months knows when that special day comes around, it goes by in what seems like seconds.  A photographer will capture beautiful moments of the day but with a videographer you can relive the day again and again. We think there is certainly something in being able to see and hear your loved ones that makes it so worth hiring both!

So obviously we think spending a little extra for both a photographer AND a videographer is a must; but don’t just take our word for it. The good people over at The Knot interviewed some brides and we think those ladies had several valid points:

“While we are very pleased with our photographer, I’m now starting to have second thoughts about not having a videographer. I guess there’s nothing like having a video to capture the details, people’s faces/expressions, our vows — things that I might miss during the day as a busy bride and that don’t necessarily get captured in even the best quality photos.”   

“Our videography was some of the best money we ever spent. It’s true that it goes by so fast, and you do see things you didn’t notice when you see the video. Absolutely zero regrets. Our reasoning was that if we’re going to spend so much money on one day, don’t you want to be able to relive it through video? Plus, we can show it to our kids.”

“I’m definitely planning on hiring a videographer. I want to be able to see fiance’s and my expressions when we say our vows. I want to be able to hear how we say them — and I just want to see everyone have a ball at our reception. And come 40 years from now when DVDs and blu-rays are old-school, I still want to be able to watch us on our big day.”

See? We agree 100% and it just so happens Maui has some TALENTED video folks!

Like our friends Kent and Darlene over at Ohana Films. Kent is a self-described “film nerd” with a background in film/video/digital media for over 20 years. His wife, Darlene has a background in art and they make amazingly awesome videos.

This one is one of our favorites: Click here to see!

Go ahead and take some time to look at their videos. You can thank us later when you’re done glowing in all the wedding-bliss, drone-dreaminess love stories. 😉

Another awesome team we recommend is the crew from Live Maui Webcasts.  They not only produce top-notch videos they also offer a live WebCast to anywhere in the world. What a treat for those friends and family who couldn’t make it! Click on the link below to see their magic!

And last but not least – we recommend the crew over at Hawaii Video Memories. This multi-award winning film and media production company has over 25 years of experience. And we think their work speaks for itself. Click on the link above to watch their beautiful videos – we know you will be nothing short of impressed by their portfolio.

We know so much goes into planning your big day but having a top-quality video of that day will continue to bring you and your family so much joy! We promise!


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